Here we build materials atom-by-atom..

At Atomicable Consulting we provide solutions for modeling materials and interfaces at the atomic scale based on first principles ab initio methods and classical molecular dynamics simulations. Our experts have research intensive academic background and can help you address your project. Furthermore, we provide support for handling results into reports, peer-reviewed publications and research proposals.

Our consulting and editing services

  • Atomistic simulations
  • Reports, publications and proposals
  • Training and tutorials
  • Flexible contracts from few days to months long
    materials and chemical systems
  • Semiconductors, metals and polymers
  • 2D materials and interfaces
  • Electrochemical interfaces
  • Models and workflow development
    supercomputer and simulation techniques
  • First principles, density functional theory
  • Classical and reactive molecular dynamic simulations
  • Force field development
  • Machine learning
    simple and easy procedure
  • No need for background in atomistic simulations
  • No need for a supercomputer
  • No need for codes and licenses

Who needs our services?

  • Academics
  • Industries
  • Governments

Why need our services?

  • To understand experimental results
  • To validate or valorize results
  • To explore new materials and properties
  • To develop new simulation techiques
  • and more..

Deal with experts in the field

  • 20+ publications in top tiered peer-reviewed journals
  • 10+ years internationally in top ranked academic institutions
  • 10+ years teaching and mentoring experience
scientific journals